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Symptoms Checker

With this tool you can check for any specific illness you suspect that your pet might have, just select the highlighted symptoms your pet is exhibiting.
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Medical Conditions

Sick pet? Select your pet type and view the comprehensive list of all Medical Conditions and diseases related to your pet sorted from A-Z.
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Nutrition & Diet

You know how to keep your pet happy, but with all the choices out there, knowing what you should and should not feed your pet can be tricky. Here you’ll find all the essential nutrition & Diet Information for your pet.
Nutrition & Diet

Care & Safety

Proper Care can be the difference between a happy pet and a miserable one. Here is a Guide on how to Care for your pet at all stages of their life.
Care & Safety

All About Dogs

Keeping a Dog isn’t an easy Job. All pet animals regardless of age require a balanced nutrition/diet, health checkups, grooming and a suitable environment to be healthy and live to their fullest. Know more about your canine pal here.

All about Fish Health

Fish are one of the most delicate and sensitive pet you can ever keep, they require continuous care, specific diet and subtle environment to thrive. Medical conditions in fish are often related to environmental Factors, know all about it here.

All About Bird Health

Avian pets are most prone to infections and medical conditions when kept indoors. Stress plays an important role in any medical condition that may arise in birds and it is mostly due to lack of a viable habitat. Know more about it here.

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