Fat Cats: Questions and Answers for Getting Your Tubby Tabby Back into Shape

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August 20, 2018

A significant number of domestic cats are obese or overweight. Just like human beings, there are weight loss treatments for cats as well. Some experts have been consulted to know important facts about reducing weight in cats. On this page, some important questions about the overweight and obese cats have been answered. Please continue reading to learn more.


Q: Why so many cats are fat?

The reasons for cats being obese and overweight are same as the reasons for human beings. Mean to say, the cats who eat more than required and do not make enough physical movements can accumulate unwanted fat deposits. It is important to feed the cat as per the normal requirements. Moreover, the cat must also exercise and play to consume the fats. Never make your cat eat too much just to make her or him healthy or fat.


Q: My cat keeps running in the house, is it enough exercise?

The answer is a ‘no’. Why? It is true that cats keep walking and running in the house they live in. It helps their bodies somehow but they actually need planner exercise. The best option for the cat owners is the object play – playing with the cat using different toys. If you have time to take the cat out for a walk, that is also a good option. It is worth mentioning that regularity is the key to success in this regard.


Q: If I get another cat, will they get more exercise?

As a matter of fact, kittens possess more energy than an adult cat. The kittens can take most of the exercises but in the case of an adult cat, the owner should be careful about tough exercises. The situation may become complicated when you bring another adult cat. If you want to bring another adult cat while keeping the previous one, make sure you purchase separate items such as bed, toys, food, and treats for the new cat. Mean to say, the new cat must have all supplies to avoid a regular fight with the existing cat.


Q: What are some games I can play to get my cat moving?

Cats and other animals in the cat family are predators and they like to hunt for food. The games that allow cats to use their hunting talents are often cherished by the cats. As cats hunt for small animals and birds, the games that mimic the movements of a small animal such as mouse and birds such as chicken. The cat owner can use a laser light to make the cat follow the dot of laser light because the cat will consider it a bug. The simple way to keep the cat engaged and moving is to use toys that are like a prey for cats.


Q: Do cats like videos of animals and birds? Should I buy a fish tank or a birdfeeder to entertain my can?

Yes, some cats like to watch videos showing animals, birds, and squirrels. A regular use of such videos will encourage the cat to sit still for a long time which is not healthy. However, this method can be used to engage a cat for a long time if the cat owner has to do an important work or go outside for a complete day.

On the other hand, aquarium or a fish tank can be a good entertainment for your cat. Furthermore, the cats like to watch birds and other animals outside a window. Some animal behaviorists do not recommend keeping other animals in the house with a cat if the owner does not have time to be with them. Putting a birdfeeder outside the window is a good idea as it allows the cat to watch birds from the window.


Q: Can you train a cat to walk on a leash?

Yes, one can train a cat to walk on a leash but it requires much time and it does not offer better exercise. The cats like to watch and sniff things around them. The main reason to walk your cat on a leash is to safely give them some time outdoors when they can’t run away. It’s more mental exercise than physical exercise.


Q: What can I do when my cat stops liking or gets bored with a toy?

The cats like to play with toys but their interest is often marginal. Mena to say, cats lose interest in a toy with the passage of time. One option is to keep changing the toys to keep the cat busy. It has been found that cats lose interest in simple games earlier than the complex games.

If a cat game offers a treat once cat finishes it, chances are cat will not lose interest in it because he will be rewarded every single time. Moreover, the cat owner should consider changing the game the time cat seems to lose interest in the existing game.

The cat owner should play with the cat at least once a day because toys are not enough to keep the cat happy. As a matter of fact, your cat needs your attention and time because you are his family. Cats like to play with ping pong balls and walnuts because they are small, move like a mouse and make a sound.

If you allow your cat to play with a ping pong ball in your bathtub, he will like it. Alternatively, you can make an object like the bathtub for this purpose if you do not want to share your bathtub with your cat.


Q: How often and for how much time should I play with my cat?

Like human beings, cats also have energy and their energy should be utilized so that they could stay fit. That is why veterinarians and animal behaviorists suggest playing with the cat during different times of the day. It is true that cats become well behaved when they get tired after a physical activity.


Q: Can cats learn tricks like a dog?

The genetic makeup of the cats is different than that of the dogs. Though cats can learn different tricks, they are not as good at learning tricks as dogs are. As a matter of fact, dogs are pack animals who spend some part of the day with their fellows where they learn tricks.

Unlike dogs, cats hunt and travel alone most of the time. Due to this reason, they normally do not learn tricks from other cats. At the same time, it is possible for the cat owner to teach his or her cat different tricks to become a better family member. The cat may take longer to learn than dogs.


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