Is your dog lying to other dogs about its size?

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July 11, 2018
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Is your dog lying to other dogs about its size?

The small dogs often pee on household items. Actually, they send a signal that they are angry and they do not any trouble. This particular kind of behavior has recently been studied in a search study. The experts who conducted this research study have elaborated that the smaller pooch dogs would lift their legs higher to mark lamp posts, trees, and other objects. They often do so to give message to other dogs that there is a tall dog in the town.



An ecologist at Australian National University in Canberra, Lynda Sharpe, has mentioned in an email that this paper is important because it looks at a neglected aspect of scent marking. Lynda Sharp has conducted a research study on dwarf mongooses. She is of the view that dwarf mongooses leave scent marks from their anal glands by doing handstands. Lynda Sharpe came to know that small males leave deceptively high marks.

“It is true that dogs use scent marks,” she explains. “It would be surprising if numerous species weren’t exploiting the height of scent marks.” In another study by Betty McGuire and her colleagues, 45 dogs from two shelters in New York were selected for observation. Betty McGuire, who is a behavioral ecologist at Cornell University, selected mixed breeds animals and all of them were males. She chose male dogs because they are more likely to lift their legs while peeling. They took the dogs near fire hydrants, trees, benches, and other tempting targets. They observed dogs marked poles, trees, and even grass with their urine.

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